MONASTERY MUSEUM of Stift Klosterneuburg

Margravine Agnes – A strong woman and mother

Agnes is a sacred work of art installed with light which was purchased by the Monastery Museum of Stift Klosterneuburg and added to the collection.
Agnes of Waiblingen was a strong personality from the 11th century. The mother of 18 children reached the proud age of 72 years. We have bestowed this strength and vitality upon our sculpture.
The central figure of Agnes is wearing a flowing, golden dress, a colour that symbolises the wealth she brought to Austria through her marriage to Leopold. She stands tall and proud in the centre of the installation, surrounded by her 18 children, on a white veil that connects all the sculptures.
The children are also presented in white and gold. Those who died in childhood are shown transparently.
Legend has it that the Margrave’s beloved wife’s veil was snatched from her by the wind during their wedding. Only years later did Leopold come across the veil while out hunting and established Stift Klosterneuburg at the place where it was found.
A special feature of the group are the lights that let the children shine from within and create a very special atmosphere.
The observer of the work is always followed by the children’s gaze during a tour of the installation, which creates an intimate connection between the observer and the artwork at all times.

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