For the freedom to travel internationally For our exhibition at the ICFF Gallery in the Javits Center And for our trip with Vicky, who was sensational in the “city that never sleeps”…

New York – fascination in its every reflection. A city that almost bombards you into unconsciousness And a place as vibrant and vivacious as our NONOS sculptures We just had to go there – no ifs or buts. Our destination: the ICFF Gallery in the Javits Center, 11th Ave and 42st Street, where we were invited to exhibit this summer. As you can imagine, our excitement was as huge as New York, of course. After weeks of preparation and worrying whether our sculptures had safely reached the other side of the pond, we finally landed in the City of Cities. In the NONOS luggage: our Vicky. And since she’d never been to New York, we just had to show her the most beautiful and exciting corners of the city, criss-crossing all of Manhattan with her. The response was correspondingly high – and not only on her side. It was also the response of the people we met on our way, literally in every nook and cranny. We danced with her through the streets of New York, swirled through the creative hipster spots and laughed into the hearts of chance encounters. In brief … we experienced a lot and loved a lot. Anyone who knows us will agree it was a trip to suit our NONOS taste.

Of people and friends

To experience New York – for us NONOS, that also means meeting friends, getting artistic inspiration, making new contacts and consolidating old ones. One of these is Fadil Berisha, an international photographer ( and someone who has been with us for a long time. His gifted lens has already focussed on stars such as Halle Berry, Roger Federer, Sharon Stone, Tyra Banks, Martha Stewart, Kris Jenner, Michael Bublé, Nick Jonas, Marla Maples, Rick Fox, Robin McGraw and Clive Davis. His photographs have also featured the who’s who of beauty and fashion in magazines such as New You Magazine, Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, Bazaar, V and Nylon. Why are we telling you this in so much detail? Because we love Fadil’s work and because he is also a philanthropist, humanitarian, creative director and editor. So we have many reasons. And we would like to thank him for interrupting his work for us, as well as for the stunning view from his rooftop terrace and the fabulous dinner!

Connect until you drop

Back to our exhibition at the ICFF Gallery. We still had a few things to do before the doors of the Javits Center opened. We painted, plastered (yes, that’s right!), turned our hand to everything and designed our gallery spot, our booth, in soothing white. After all, our NONOS sculptures are meant to make a statement and a beautiful presentation is half the battle. Plus: our NONOS girls deserve to “live” properly. It’s no secret that New York is an absolute network Mecca. Nor that we NONOS just love connecting and linking up. That’s why, of course, we didn’t miss out on the “Entrepreneur Professional Networking Affair”, a business meeting. High up in the Attic Rooftop Lounge, we really let out hair down and immersed ourselves in the bon vivant atmosphere. And another tip: if you like sensationally good food, Hells Kitchen is an absolute must. End-to-end restaurants! Another highlight of our trip to New York: our favourite hairdresser’s Marie-Lou&D in the Maison de Beauté, 345 West Broadway. Washing, cutting, layering, blow-drying and good conversation included.

Our NONOS: New York is enchanted.

But now to the highlight of our New York trip: the day of the exhibition! Leading the charge, our NONOS girls did a super job. The sculptures took the hearts of New Yorkers by storm – especially the dark blue ones. The most enchanting was our Desiree – a masterpiece of flowers, a true firework of the colourswe find.

Finally, we can say: New York, we love you! There is no other city that combines what we NONOS stand for: international, lively, colourful, open, vivacious, modern and vibrant. So … dear New York, we look forward to conquering you again next time!