This spring we have created a very special sculpture: on behalf of the Monastery Museum of Stift Klosterneuburg, we artistically portray Margravine Agnes of Waiblingen; a demanding and enthralling task, to which we applied ourselves with dedication.

It is our first sacral and light-installed work, which will be exhibited in the Gallery of Modern Art in the Monastery Museum of Stift Klosterneuburg for one year. A documentary about St. Leopold (the husband of Agnes) is currently also being filmed.
Our work will also be shown there and the contemporary artistic version of the theme dealt with.

Our Agnes, as we affectionately call her, is a very special and strong character and we want to portray her that way as well.
In the year 1106, the 33 year-old Agnes moved to Austria to marry Margrave Leopold III.
As a vital mother of 18 children, Agnes lived to the proud age of 72 years, and it is this strength that we wish to give our sculpture.

The central figure of Agnes is wearing a flowing, golden dress, a colour to symbolise the wealth she brought to Austria.
She is standing tall and proud in the centre of the installation, surrounded by her children, on a white veil that connects all the sculptures.

Legend has it that the Margrave’s beloved wife’s veil was snatched from her by the wind during their wedding.
Only years later did Leopold come across  the veil while out hunting and establish Stift Klosterneuburg at the place where it was found.
The children of Agnes are also shown in gold and white; only those that did not make it into adulthood are portrayed transparently.
A special feature of the group are the lights that let the children shine from within, which creates a very special atmosphere.

The observer of the work is always followed by the children’s gaze during the tour of the installation, which creates an intimate connection between the observer and the artwork at all times.