Cote d’Azuuuuur – ah, you wonderful, wonderful part of the earth. Your beauty? Simply stunning. And your grace? A gift from heaven. How wonderful to see you again and to be your guests with our NONOS. More precisely, we’re in Monaco where we’re exhibiting in the House of Fine Yachting during the Monaco Yacht Show. And in the luggage: lots of joie de vivre, a couple of small ambitions and our two stars – Charlotte and Renée.

We’re excited. As ever, actually, when we NONOS go on a trip. But this time we’re a little more excited than usual. The reason: our beloved Côte d’Azur! In the NONOS luggage: two of our sculptures, Vicky & Vicky. Their destination for the next three days: the House of fine Yachting, where we’ll be exhibiting during the Monaco Yacht Show. And as ever, we’re very pleased that our ladies arrived well, safe and in their full splendour. Although everything that has a rank and name is here, our focus is clear: We simply want to show the NONOS to the world – in this case the French. And as always we’re curious to see what goes on in the background. What the reactions will be like, who we’ll meet and what this “other “ world holds in store for us…

Monaco or, more precisely, Monte Carlo: a place where the beautiful meets the special. Where the unusual says “hello” and where dimensions even blur at times, or should that be “swim”. For example, the gigantic super yachts moored here are just unbelievable. We’re floored, no question about it. Not because of the size but because of the design. Noble and graceful, they line up in their berths, their dress streamlined, polished and ready for a good time – on water or on land (we’ll experience the latter live but more of that later in the blog). And talking of a good time: we’re ready for that after the first day as well. Our NONOS sculptures have the ideal position; everything is perfectly staged and we’re curious to see what the reaction will be in the House of Fine Yachting. Because: Monaco can be a little intimidating for “people like us”, we must admit. Although after all these years we NONOS have grown used to “presenting” ourselves on larger stages as well, we still feel what you might call “respect” when we arrive in such a special place with such special people. Yes, there are some things that will never change. Because “normal” is nothing to us and never will be.

Everyone knows that Monaco is a hot spot for creatives, artists and art connoisseurs from all over the world. Not to mention VIPs, celebrities and heads of state. But the fact that the place is so much more for us personally is shown, for example, by the people who’ve lived here and who we admire. There’s the grandiose architect Le Corbusier or the unbelievable Coco Chanel, the epitome of femininity. Both lived just around the corner in Roquebrune. This is one of the reasons why we also stayed in this romantic village during the days of our exhibition. And to escape the hustle and bustle of Monte Carlo. Because despite all the “many”, the imposing, the wealth and the abundance: we NONOS actually come from another world. One where it’s quiet, rather than loud. Where the silver tray is a work bench and our “evening dress” consists of aprons and old jeans on which all the colours of our NONOS are immortalised.

And it’s with this “model” (only in the figurative sense, of course) that we plunge into our evening invitation that we’re so much looking forward to: it’s a yacht event where we meet up with our friend Martin A. Konorza. Aside from the fact that Martin has been a wonderful companion for a long time, he also has some of his best wines in his luggage. He’s a kind of Mister “De Watere Champagne”. Anyone who loves “sparkling gold” will be in seventh heaven, that’s for sure. While we’re enjoying a glass as well (we have been working hard today), we strike up a conversation. For example, with a man who composed a piece for ABBA! Wow, how interesting And inspiring! Or with someone whose mother is a famous artist and whose pictures are on display in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Such encounters are simply wonderful for us NONOS. Because all those who’ve devoted themselves to art, whether in painted, written or whatever form, enjoy our fullest respect and admiration. And as the sea breeze caresses our faces and we two sisters let our gaze wander across the huge ship, the guests and the harbour, it becomes clear to us how lucky we are: that we work together, that we can travel all over the world with our NONOS and that we simply have each other. You certainly can’t buy all that.

Back to Monte Carlo Of course, it’s not just the people who cast their spell over us again and again, but also the wonderful places and squares, many of them in Belle Epoch style. Oh yes, and in the evening, Monte Carlo even smells of perfume! That’s thanks to the fine ladies who take their extravagant fragrances for a walk. And we must admit to doing that ourselves today, of course. Ultimately, we NONOS love to be feminine, in whatever form, internally and externally.

To conclude our trip, here are some tips for you as to how and where you can feel especially comfortable in the city state. See you soon, my dears!



Our tips

Hotel Metropole: a hotel from One thousand and One Nights. Slow down, relax, enjoy. Wonderful pool, super tea.

Nikki Beach at the Fermont Hotel: rooftop pool, relaxed sounds, lounge-type atmosphere.

Restaurants: “Au Grand Inquisiteur” in the Rue Grimaldi or the excellent “Casarella”. You can dine and enjoy yourself exceedingly well at both of them.